Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's RLE time!

Sometimes i get i little tired from duties and patients, just like all nursing students. But there are things that just keep me going. One is the feeling you get when you're in that hospital floor, running all over the place, meeting all kinds of people, complaining about how crappy and unreliable government hospitals can be, helping patients in small ways. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Another reason is these bunch of peopleÜ:

me, graziell, elka.

ako at si graziella.Ü

love love them.<33

              Hurray for friends!Ü

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my first FOTD.Ü

It's my first time doing a FOTD post.Ü I don't know if it's OK or it looks like crap. 

what's up with the face ryt?XD

too bad my digi cam just flushed out the colors

here are the products i used:

Face: joppa mineral foundation in Medium Light Golden

Cheeks: TBS Bronzing Powder in Shade 1

Eyes: Elianto Pallet

Lavshuka OR-1

F21 eyeshadow liner in  Clay and Gold

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Body Shop Haul

No classes today. Meaning i'm stuck at home. So I decided to drop by the mall and just do some window shopping. Unfortunately I did more than that. I passed by TBS and  I just couldn't help but go inside. I only got a few stuff.Ü

I got the bronzing powder in shade 1, the bronzing beads in buff(i think) and the face and lip gel matifiant.

The Bronzing Powder. This one, i love love love. Don't you just love the sun design on it? I'm even too careful when i'm dipping my brush on it.

Bronzing Beads in Buff(did i get it right?) It doesn't really look good on my skintone and it's too shimmery for daytime use IMO. Maybe i'll use it when i go out at night.

The gel matifiant. I use this as my primer once. It didn't really do anything to control my oiliness. It's a good primer, but not great,